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The LiberatingTouch®

Introductory Guide

This guide is a great starting place for you to learn more about the fundamentals of LiberatingTouch. Discover the 4 tenets and corresponding practical applications.


(no strings attached) 

Detachment: The Secret to Infinite Peace

YOU CAN BUY THIS BOOK ON AMAZON - This book is now also available in Portuguese

When you are affected by stressful emotions and life becomes difficult, detachment is one of the ways to make life easier to live. Detachment allows us to live in the present, free to make good choices, focus on harmony and avoid getting entangled in unnecessary drama. We have created the LiberatingTouch Detachment Process to help you experience life peacefully.

Click here for the Audios that accompany the book

Below is a video summary of the book

The Art of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)




Specially recorded for our students and clients

Step 1 of the Detachment Process (v2013 ranjana)

Step 1 of the Detachment Process (v2021 eddie)

Step 2 of the Detachment Process (v2013 ranjana)

Step 2 of the Detachment Process (v2021 eddie)

Step 3 of the Detachment Process (v2013 ranjana)

Step 3 of the Detachment Process recorded live (v2021 eddie)

Harmony in Daily Living: This includes the Liquid Light Relaxation, Tree Connection and the Finger Holds 

(v2013 ranjana)

(v2018 ranjana and eddie)

The Immersion (v2021 eddie)

More Audios coming soon...Including 

The Tree Integration (v2023)

Harmony in Daily Living (v2023)

The Light Meditation (v2023)

If you would like Eddie and Ranjana to create a bespoke audio meditation for you kindly email them

Approximate costs - £45 for a 10 - 20 minutes recording - £90 for a 20 - 40 minutes recording


Specially created for newcomers to LiberatingTouch

The 4 Questions

The Sequence for Release

The "I AM" Sequence

Resting by the Tree

More Videos can be found on our YouTube Channel 

At the LiberatingTouch® Centre, we specialise in helping you find your authenticity, your gifts and talents, your true (reality) power and an undiluted (uncontaminated) sense of SELF.

Essential Oils - Nature's Healing Fragrances

You can find loads of informative and useful videos about doTerra at

We recommend DoTerra Essential oils as a way of creating and maintaining good health. We get the products at wholesale prices. If you want to do the same, click on this link. To get the discounted price you have to click on “Join & Save” which is at the top of the website page. Then choose wholesale customer (there will be a worthwhile £25 join-up fee) . Fill in your details and you are in and ready to shop. Or you can just click on the shop link and get the products at the retail price. These products are incredibly pure and potent and some of them can be ingested.

DoTerra means gift of earth and these essential oils truly are a gift of astonishing power.

More information is available at:

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The 8 Day gave me a beautiful insight into the ways each of us has the power to change our lives with our own hands and heart. A beautiful reminder of ‘coming home’ to ourselves and the importance of connection to source. A powerful connection to a group of people seeking answers from within themselves and ultimately seeking love and happiness. A great way to find out more about ourselves and what makes us the way we are , and what might be holding us back from living to our fullest potential. 


Yoga teacher

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