‘Healing with Love makes us whole, restores us, and liberates us so that we may remember that we are not alone but truly all One.’- Ranjana

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Dates for Online Events, Classes, Workshops, and Community Calls, Morsels of Wisdom, Pictures, Memories and more

The LiberatingTouch®

Foundations Day

The focus is on Self-help; discovering and maintaining peace and harmony in daily living. There is no pre-requisite to attending this day class.

Dates: TBA

The Heart of Understanding 8 Day LiberatingTouch® Class

This Class is intended to be an experiential adventure of awareness and discovery; for regaining your power and SELF-confidence and for opening the doors to SELF-Realisation.

Dates: 18th -25th June 2021

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The Heart of Understanding Community Call

Time together for Connection, Q&A, Practice and Support for Heart of Understanding Students and LT Facilitators. The calls are held on the first Saturday of the Month on Zoom.

Dates: 5th August 2021, 2nd September 2021, 4th November 2021

Real Freedom

REAL FREEDOM is a 5 Week in-depth Online Practical Exploration of Acceptance, Letting Go and Forgiveness

Dates: TBA

The Immersion

An 11 Day Exploration

We are going to be exploring the relationship of the mind and the heart.
And share the elemental and vibrational journey of Self-Realisation.

Dates: TBA

The 11 Week Facilitator Training

This is like attending a virtual LiberatingTouch School for 11 weeks. You can log in online almost every week for the lecture and demo, you will be given weekly self-help homework, assignments, supervision and mentoring. Our focus will be on practicing the art, experiencing the flow of Love, and aligning ourselves with the internal Truth compass. 

Dates: 23rd July 2021 - 1st October 2021

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Online EFT Mentoring

Online Mentoring for EFT International Students, Practitioners and Trainers that have trained with Eddie, Ranjana, Anita or Maria. Our focus is to support your EFT Practice

Dates: 10th July 2021, 11th September 2021, 13th November 2021

Jin Shin Jyutsu Mentoring with Carlyse Smyth

An invitation to ask questions, listen to the harmony, and explore Jin Shin Jyutsu with Carlyse Smyth on Zoom. For dedicated JSJ students 

Dates: 18th September 2021

Liberating Satsang

Time for Q&A, Chanting, Prayers, Devotional Singing, Laughter and spiritual nourishment. 

Dates: TBA

A few Excerpts from the LiberatingTouch® Manuals

In an open Heart, the lies created by the mind, dissolve into the light of TRUTH. The transparent, all-pervading, resounding omniscient TRUTH.

We all have infinite gifts of wisdom and joy, imagine spending your life unwrapping them, every day opening a ‘present’ of discovery, innate serenity, a sweet embrace of precious knowing... imagine feeling that you are truly worthy, deserving and blessed... imagine knowing every time resistance shows up you can be present with it in complete awareness and experience the lightness of being all that you are.

We are not victims; we are powerful beyond measure. Even if we forget this, even if circumstance, memory, thoughts keep us replaying the roles of a victim we can always wake up from this trance of material identification; we can reconnect to the Truth.

Knowing the SELF (God-Realisation) is the endgame of LiberatingTouch®.

The goal of Liberation is that there is no goal; it is being here right now in a state of Constant Integrated Awareness, experiencing the fullness of your being, complete, free and one with everything all at the same time. There is in reality only consciousness, everything else is play. The whole of creation, suffering, confusion, enlightenment, joy, are all the dance of the mysterious divine play.

Thank you

With Liberating Touch, I have acquired real-magical tools for the discovering of myself, making peace within and the meaning of what Freedom is for me. The emotional power behind these discoveries is so beautiful and graceful and I am absolutely grateful to Ranjana and Eddie for their loving teaching.



Upcoming events
4th November 2021
The Heart of Understanding
18th - 25th June 2021
The EFT Online Mentoring
11th September 2021
13th November 2021
The LT Facilitator Training-11 Weeks 
23rd July 2021 - 1st October 2021


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