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The Founders

Ranjana and Eddie Appoo are the creators of LiberatingTouch®, authors of “Detachment-The Secret to Infinite Peace”, and Directors of the LiberatingTouch Centre. They help healers, artists, writers, actors, CEOs, Conscious Leaders, mothers, fathers, laypeople, and creative geniuses just like you to connect to Truth (intuition), make responsible choices, know peace, and trust Love. They support men and women from all walks of life, from different parts of the world to live in joy, make an impact, and serve humanity.

Eddie and Ranjana attribute all their insights, experiences, inspiration and gifts with deep gratitude to their Spiritual Master, Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

They host online events, workshops, classes, community calls, mentoring groups, Liberating Satsang and more with the help of a dedicated team of LiberatingTouch (LT) Instructors. If you would like to work with Eddie and Ranjana or of one of the 3 LT Instructors - Angela Kirk, Anita Bhardwaj, Shelley Chapman email your request to

"Our aim is to provide you with easy, effective, impressive practical applications and resources for a deeply fulfilling, hearty, and joyful life.
We help you discover your inner compass (truth), navigate life, and know how to flow with purpose (love), into power, prosperity, and Presence.
We share spiritual wellness practices and energy healing approaches from ancient cultures, like Jin Shin Jyutsu and combine these with breakthroughs in complementary therapy like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), alongside innovative processes like LiberatingTouch®.
LiberatingTouch® is a dynamic union of powerful processes that can help you on the journey of Self-Realisation. To Self-Realise is to experience (know) that you are Limitless Love, born of Absolute Truth. With LiberatingTouch® you can get clear about your direction, unlock your ability to stay on track, draw goodness into your life and know yourSELF." -  Ranjana and Eddie

About LiberatingTouch®

LiberatingTouch® IS: conscious living, healing, meditation, yoga. It was created by Eddie and Ranjana Appoo to help their clients reclaim their power, let go of limiting beliefs and stories, resolve trauma, practice detachment and return to Joy. LiberatingTouch (LT) can be successfully utilised together with many healing disciplines and opens countless possibilities. IT IS the practice of Love and Truth (LT). 

LiberatingTouch® has 11 Core processes including the Detachment Process, 36 Sequences and 108 Variations. This art reveals practical pathways to Self-Awakening and Self-Realisation. If practiced diligently the seeker can lovingly peel away the layers that separate one from Bliss and Truth. The purpose of LiberatingTouch® is to encourage the Spiritual Regeneration of Humanity through Love and Truth.

There are four tenets at the heart of LiberatingTouch® : TRUTH, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PEACE and LOVE.

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"I'm so grateful for my LT journey. My life has been completely transformed and my faith restored. I have faced disempowering thoughts and feel connected to my intuition, and am more open hearted. My greatest miracle working with LT was passing my driving test. This was truly a desire fulfilled and has given me more freedom. I can now appreciate detachment and the gifts of letting go and although this is still work in progress I feel held and so thankful to be part of this community and witness profound healing. Thank you for helping me from the darkness into light."

Angela Kirk, LiberatingTouch® Instructor


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